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New to FPV? Please see our FPV overview page here.

The OSD Pro is the ultimate on-screen display for your FPV (First Person View) equipped recreational model airplane, heli, car or boat! The OSD Pro displays all the key information about your model’s status, and has many advanced features such as voice alerts, high resolution raster graphics, a new “RADAR” synthetic map, “Return to Home,” Artificial Horizon display, Acoustic Variometer, and waypoints within visual range.  

Need antenna tracking, receiver diversity, AV distribution, and telemetry to your PC or notebook? Just couple the OSD Pro with our EagleEyes FPV ground station.

Why should I choose the OSD Pro system???

There are lots of OSD choices out there. Here are a few reasons we believe the OSD Pro is your best option:

  • Buy with confidence: Eagle Tree is a full time business since 2003, focusing solely on RC model equipment. It's all we do! Nearly all the other OSD companies are part time businesses or "one man shops." We'll be around when you need us!
  • Modularity: If we come out with a newer version of one of the OSD Pro components, you only need to upgrade that component to have the latest and greatest system, rather than having to replace your entire OSD system when a new one comes along.
  • Easy setup: The OSD Pro is easy to configure exactly like you want it, with the included software. The built-in flight simulator makes it much easier to test your configurations before you fly.
  • Expandability: Eagle Tree offers myriad sensors that are fully compatible with the OSD Pro. Since we make these sensors ourselves, you're guaranteed that they will be plug and play, with no soldering, finger pointing, or headaches.
  • Powerful features: The OSD Pro offers advanced features, such as Voice Alerts, Programmable Alarms, "RADAR" synthetic map, "Return to Home", RSSI and multiple battery voltage displays, built-in Flight Simulator for setup testing, Artificial Horizon display, acoustic variometer, waypoints, full Data Logging with GoogleEarthTM and graphing with our powerful software.
  • World class support: We have full time, dedicated support staff, should you ever have a problem. We offer 24/7 support with our online support forum, our OSD Pro user thread, and our advanced web ticket system. Only the OSD Pro has built-in diagnostics which can be downloaded and sent to our support staff, so we can diagnose most issues easily without needing to return the product.
  • Easy upgradability: We are constantly adding new features and enhancements to our firmware. These are just a download away. The OSD Pro's built-in USB connection (requires a standard 'mini' USB cable) makes it easy to update firmware with our powerful software. No need to buy a separate USB adapter, build any special cables, or other complex steps for update.
  • Part of a complete FPV system: The OSD Pro is complimented by our EagleEyesTM Ground Station. Other enhancements are in the works, that are fully compatible with the OSD Pro system.

I'm just looking for a simple, easy to use OSD. Is this one right for me?

The OSD Pro has many features and options that you may not need right away. But, why pay the same price or more for another OSD that doesn't offer these features, when you can just leave them disabled with the OSD Pro, until you need them? Our Quick Start Guide, which is a "Basic Setup" overview showing how easy it is to configure the OSD Pro for basic features is located under the "Manuals" tab.

Do I need a video camera, video transmitter, video receiver, and goggles/display for the OSD Pro?

Yes. Eagle Tree does not presently sell these video products, but our FPV dealers do. Here are some recommendations for dealers of these video products (listed in alphabetical order):

I want to learn more about the OSD Pro!
Try reading our product manual or Quick Start Guide, or watch some of our OSD Pro videos!

Click here to email us with questions about the OSD Pro.
Click here to view a "very active" online forum discussion of our new OSD Pro.

I want to Order a Complete OSD Pro Package now!

You can order your OSD Pro from your favorite Eagle Tree dealer, or order direct from us if you don't have a dealer near you.

The packages include everything you need to display and log GPS Altitude, GPS Speed, Home Arrow, Distance, GPS Position, Current, Voltage, milliAmp-Hours, Wattage, and more on your existing video system (does not include video camera or video transmitter!). The package also includes voice alerts, and other advanced OSD Pro features.

There are 3 packages available. The only difference among the packages is your choice of the 100 amp eLogger with integrated DeansTM connnectors, the 100 amp eLogger with wire leads, or the 150 amp eLogger with heavy duty wire leads.

I want more sensors for my OSD Pro!

Need a barometric altimeter, an airspeed sensor, an RPM sensor, or any other sensor? Check them out on our OSD Pro page or our Accessories page! All of the accessories for our eLoggers will work with the OSD Pro.

I already have an eLogger V3, eLogger V4 or Recorder, and want only the OSD Pro module!

You can order the OSD Pro Expander separately. Don't forget that you need an eLogger V3, eLogger V4, or Data Recorder to use the OSD Expander. Note also that a GPS Expander is needed for several of the OSD Pro's advanced features.

OSD Pro Expander




Note: The OSD Pro is intended for recreational use only.    You should always use a spotter if your eyes are not on your model. Any use of the OSD Pro to attempt to navigate your model, operate your model autonomously, or otherwise operate your model outside of Visual Line of Sight (VLS) is not supported.     For USA customers, please refer to the American Model Association’s Safety Code  at http://www.modelaircraft.org/files/105.PDF and FPV related code at http://www.modelaircraft.org/files/550.pdf


What Data Parameters can be Displayed on the OSD Pro?

But I also need Data Logging!

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